Patient and Appointment Policies

We offer all NHS services that are deemed clinically necessary. We will also discuss any private options available, and associated costs. Please do not feel obliged to take up any private treatment, this is your choice and we will only mention it so you are aware of all your options. We require a deposit for any private treatment and there will be a fee for any late cancellations or missed private appointments.

There will be no fines for missed appointments under the NHS however appointments must be cancelled with at least one working day’s notice. Any appointment cancelled within one working day will be classed as a short notice cancellation; this means that an appointment for Monday cancelled on Friday will still be a short notice cancellation. For new patients, failure to attend your first appointment will result in removal from the patient list and we cannot guarantee that we will be able to see you again.

NHS resources are precious and we are keen not to waste them. Appointments can be made or cancelled by calling the surgery on 0208 950 2985. Late cancellations and missed appointments represent a cost to the practice, when other patients could have been seen in the time set aside for the patient. Should two appointments in a row be cancelled, we will no longer be able to keep your course of treatment open and you will need to start the course of treatment again, which would incur a new patient charge if you are not exempt.

If two NHS dental appointments are missed or cancelled with less than one working day’s notice, we do not guarantee being able to offer them NHS treatment in the future. This may mean that you will have to find an alternative NHS dentist for future treatment and check-ups, or continue with us on a private basis.

To continue to be an NHS patient you MUST make sure that you keep up regular check-up appointments. Failure to keep up with these appointments could lose you your NHS Dental place.

It is the responsibility of the patient to book their appointments, which should be booked in every 6-12 months for adults and 3-6 months for children (depending on advice from the dentist). Should you not attend the practice in an 18-month period then the practice policy is that you are no longer an NHS patient and the practice may only see you on a private basis.

All treatment must be paid for from your first visit and must be paid in full before your final treatment apointment. If you are exempt from NHS charges, proof of your benefit must be seen prior to treatment.

Private appointments will require a minimum of 50% fee deposit in order to book; some appointments have a predetermined deposit to book. Any Private appointment not attended or cancelled at short notice without extenuating circumstances is subject to loss of deposit. In the event that this happens on multiple occasions, the practice may no longer be able to accommodate appointments.

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